Are There Apprenticeships In Psychology

Psychology Apprentices work with people who have complex mental health problems—whilst completing a Clinical Associate in Psychology and an MSc degree. This job is open to those with a psychology degree.

There are 12 implementation sites in all. In addition, NHS trusts in Sheffield and Cornwall are developing similar pathways, focusing on Personality Disorder and Children’s Mental Health, respectively. 

Apprentices will be recruited to work in mental health services and regularly monitored and taught by licenced psychologists. They will also attend university one day per week. The apprenticeship will last for 18 months. They will be paid for their training time.

Everyone recognises the value of communication. The benefits of psychological approaches to health and well-being are becoming more widely recognised. However, more professionals are needed who are equipped to offer them to the people. 

An incredible shift in health and social care will change how services are organised to help people. Clinical Psychology Associates will work in and with local communities and partners to help people make the changes they need to get more out of life.

This approach emphasises early intervention and prevention, which aligns with the NHS Long Term Plan objectives.

Updated on August 27, 2022

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