Are Degree Apprenticeships Worth It

degree apprenticeship is a programme that combines work, education, and training for the person to earn money while preparing for a career. Most programmes are designed for school leavers.

A degree apprenticeship seems more appealing than a university degree, which may leave you in debt for years to come. You are learning on the job in a professional setting while simultaneously earning a livelihood. So, if you know what you want to accomplish with your life, attending university may not be necessary.

And, if university seems to be a lot of hard work, don’t be deceived into thinking that a degree apprenticeship is an easy way out. On the contrary, they require a significant amount of practical work, and progressing through academic levels takes longer than studying at university. However, degree apprenticeships are no longer seen as a second-rate option by many companies and organisations, and they are increasingly valued at the same level as bachelor’s degrees.

Degree apprenticeships are a newer kind of apprenticeship quickly gaining popularity as an alternative to a full-time university degree. They are available in many areas, including engineering, public relations, construction, research, and the digital world, and are highly desired by potential employers. While university graduates struggle to get their first job with no work experience, apprentices are already one step up the professional ladder.

It’s also worth mentioning that getting an apprenticeship is competitive. Employers often advertise job opportunities on their websites, so if you have your heart set on working for a particular company, you should contact them directly.

Updated on August 27, 2022

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