Are Degree Apprenticeships Good

According to the Institute of Fiscal Studies, the typical student in the United Kingdom incurs a debt of £50,000.

Students have become more knowledgeable consumers of higher education due to the rise in student fees in 2012. A degree apprenticeship offers all of the benefits of a conventional degree programme while eliminating financial worries. 

Furthermore, degree apprentices are provided with hands-on experience and broader employability skills, both essential for professional success.


Degree apprentices get a full Bachelor’s or Master’s degree while avoiding the enormous debt of tuition and maintenance loans.

Learning While Earning 

Degree apprentices are employed for the duration of their programme, starting with getting paid on the first day.


Even though degree apprenticeships do not guarantee permanent work, graduates are highly employable.

After completing their programme, 90 per cent of apprentices went straight into work or further training last year.

Essential Skills

Employers and professional organisations design the curriculum, ensuring apprentices learn the specific practical skills needed for a job. As a result, apprentices may quickly move from a degree apprenticeship to skilled employment.

Updated on August 29, 2022

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