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Are Degree Apprenticeships Better Than University

Degree Apprenticeships still lead to a degree-level qualification from a university, but they are done alongside employment. You will be employed and paid by a company. The company will also pay for your university education. Typically, you may work four days per week and attend university one day per week, or you may work three months full time and then attend university for one month.

Because they were created to the requirements of companies, each degree apprenticeship will be structured uniquely. This means you’ll still obtain a degree (BA or BSc), but your education will be more vocational or practical. After completing, you will be familiar with all of the practical and theory-based elements of the job since you will have been doing it for three years or more.

Is it better to have a university degree than a degree apprenticeship?

The answer is that it depends on your learning style and what you want to study. Currently, not all fields provide degree apprenticeships, primarily vocational ones. For example, degree apprenticeships in Humanities and Languages are not accessible, but they are in Digital Technologies and Engineering. Of course, this is not to say that degree apprenticeships will cease to exist.

A degree obtained via a degree apprenticeship will be just as useful as any other. It will be an Honours Degree from a reputable university.

Will I miss out on university life if I do a degree apprenticeship?

Because you are completing a degree apprenticeship, you will not be able to enjoy university life in the same way that your full-time classmates would. 

However, you may still need to live away from home, and you will be with other people who are going through the same training and studying as you, so although it may be a different experience for other students, you may still be able to live away from home with other like-minded individuals. 

You will, of course, attend lectures on campus throughout your study. In addition, many companies that provide degree apprenticeships will provide social and welfare support to any apprentices living away from home for the first time, so you will not be completely alone.

Will a degree apprenticeship or a university degree help me get work?

While it is not certain that your employer will offer you a permanent job at the end of your degree apprenticeship, you are far more likely to be a viable employee since you have been trained precisely how they want you to be.

A university degree makes you highly marketable, but it is typically less vocational, and most new graduates will still need job-specific training.

What is the difference in cost between a degree apprenticeship and a university degree?

If the cost of attending university concerns you and there is a degree apprenticeship in your field of study, degree apprenticeships provide a substantial financial benefit over a university degree. If you pursue a degree apprenticeship, your business will pay you but will also cover your tuition costs, allowing you to earn your degree for free.

If there are no degree apprenticeships available in your field of study, or if you still want to experience university life, there are other ways to decrease the cost, such as scholarships, grants, and bursaries. However, you are unlikely to be able to cover all your costs this way.

Where can I search for employment opportunities?

To explore your options, browse through our Degree Apprenticeship Vacancies.

Updated on August 27, 2022

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