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Are Apprenticeships Just For School Leavers

Apprenticeships are not only for school leavers and young people; there are no upper age limits, and you may become an apprentice if you are above the age of 16, reside in England, and are not engaged in full-time education.

Are you about to start your first job? Have you been promoted to a new role that requires you to take on new responsibilities and employ new skills and abilities? Are you thinking about changing jobs?

No matter where you are in your career, an apprenticeship may help you progress.

An apprenticeship is a kind of education. An apprenticeship is a training programme that takes you from being a novice to an expert in your field.

Apprenticeships should be comprehensive, emphasising preparing the whole individual for work, a career (and other occupations), and life. Aside from that, an apprenticeship will instil a sense of curiosity, lifelong learning, discovery, and advancement in all trainees.

Updated on August 31, 2022

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