Are Apprenticeships Hard To Get

Apprenticeship is the ideal option if you want to combine on-the-job training, and earning a living! However, they are nevertheless difficult to get because of their exceptional quality.

Apprenticeships are in great demand since they lead to certification. However, to begin an apprenticeship, you must genuinely impress the firm you are applying to.

Not only will you need to be a quick study, but apprenticeship employers will also look for certain behaviours and characteristics while assessing your application.

Because every organisation is different, it is best to visit their website and research their corporate values before submitting an application or attending any interviews or assessment centres. 

However, in general, businesses are looking for the following:

Commitment and passion: Because you will be pursuing an apprenticeship, employers want to know that you are committed to taking this path before investing money in placing you on it. They also hope you are passionate about the company and your profession. Employers want someone who can think creatively and is passionate about helping the firm achieve its goals.

Resilience: You will be busy at work at times, and you will have essay deadlines to meet. However, employers want to know that you can take the good with the bad and still be the best you can be when you don’t receive the grades or marks you want.

Willingness to learn: While obtaining an Apprenticeship may make you feel on top of the world, there is always more to understand and improve yourself. Therefore, employers will want to hire someone who has done a lot while learning more and progressing frequently.

Updated on August 31, 2022

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