Adult Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships help improve the quality and range of opportunities available to adults, and you’ll benefit from continuing to learn throughout your life.

How Could An Apprenticeship Help Me?

  • Are you moving into a new job?
  • Have you been promoted into a new role requiring you to take on new responsibilities and skills?
  • Are you thinking about changing your career?
  • Perhaps you are moving from a manual position challenging to continue due to ill health to a new job requiring different skills and abilities.

An Apprenticeship Is An Education

An apprenticeship is a journey—from being a beginner in a role to becoming an expert. Therefore, apprenticeships should be expansive and focus on developing the whole person for a job, a career (and other careers), and life, instilling a sense of curiosity, lifelong learning, discovery and improvement in all apprentices.

Fair Access To Apprenticeship Benefits

Fair access to apprenticeships for everyone is both morally right and economically sound. In addition, there can be real business benefits from investing in developing a diverse workforce through an apprenticeship programme.

Supporting non-traditional employees to succeed can, in the short term, require additional resources but bring significant long-term benefits.


If you’re 19 or above, you may be eligible for adult skills funding if you undertake an advanced-level or higher apprenticeship. For further details, visit the Student Finance England website.

Updated on August 22, 2022

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